The Friends of Dr South’s School is a UK registered charity (number 279172) that has been raising funds for the school for many years.

Our Mission

Our mission is to support Dr South’s School both financially and operationally, and to ensure that the school is able to provide the best possible education and enriching experiences to its students for years to come.

We also host a series of activities which foster extended relationships between staff, parents, carers, and other members of the local community. Some of those events help raise funds.

What We Do

We organise events throughout the year to raise money to support the school. We hold regular planning meetings which are open to all parents. These are typically held once per half term.

Details about our next events and meeting can be found on our Events page – we would love to see you there.

The TFODS committee reviews funding requests and activity requests with the leadership team at Dr South’s School, and votes on the allocation of those funds. We also approach the school staff to offer suggestions. On occasion the School may require high-value items such as playground equipment or IT resources. TFODS saves a portion of the funds raised in order to meet those anticipated costs.

We hold an Annual General Meeting where we elect officers for TFODS and vote on any motions raise.

The Charity

You can find out more about us including our governance structure, trustees, and annual returns on the Charity Commission for England and Wales website by clicking here.